Perkier Gluten Free Tiffin Biscuits

These Gluten Free Tiffin Biscuit Bites are my newest addiction, probably because they are an ingenious and delicious combination of four things that I completely love – Chocolate Biscuits, Honeycomb, Raisins and Milk Chocolate. This mixture of textures and flavours works incredibly well, the Biscuit is crunchy but not as crumbly as Gluten Free biscuits often are and the Honeycomb has a great spicy, gingery taste and is soft rather than being teeth rattlingly hard.  There is a generous amount of Raisins and a reasonably thick Milk Chocolate topping.

Perkier Gluten Free Tiiffin Biscuit

They are made by Perkier, a UK based company specialising in Gluten Free foods, as well as these Biscuits and other treats they also make porridge and bread and say on their website that they are keen to challenge the current model of Gluten Free food costing a fortune.  I haven’t tried the whole range but they are definitely off to a good start with these, I picked up a tub from a local Tesco for under a couple of pounds and was impressed by the amount of bite sized biscuits in the tub – I didn’t count but there was at least 10, maybe more.

Gluten Free Tiffin Bites

The advantage of the “bite” sized serving is that you can hopefully exercise some degree of portion control when eating these, if you don’t feel able or want to restrict yourself in this way than you can buy this in a 65g sized bar as well.  To be honest most of the time I probably end up eating the same amount as I would if I bought a bar and if I ate less it’s probably because it was in a decent sized bowl of ice cream (if you have even the slightest interest in Ice Cream I HIGHLY recommend trying this..).

Not to worry though, despite being quite indulgent these arent as unhealthy as you might imagine, each piece containing around 58 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat and 7 grams of sugar.

Perkier Gluten Free Biscuit Bites


Perkier also make Gluten Free Rocky Road biscuits which are again available in a tub with small bite sized pieces or in a 65g bar. These use the same Chocolate Biscuit base as the Tiffin but add small pink and white Marshmallows to this and cover it in Milk Chocolate and then drizzle White Chocolate over this.  I didn’t like these quite as much as the Tiffin, probably because I’m not a massive fan or Marshmallows and as I said I absolutely love both Honeycomb and Raisin. Don’t get it twisted though, I had no problem working my way through the Rocky Road tub in well under a week.

As you can probably tell, I really can’t recommend these highly enough and am planning to test my way through the rest of Perkier’s range of Gluten Free instant Golden Syrup and Berry Porridge Pots and Breads as I find them – they seem to be increasingly available in more and more major UK supermarkets – and only hope that these products manage to maintain the same great combination of reasonable price and great flavour found here.

By Ray Smith

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Perkier Gluten Free Tiffin Biscuits
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