Nine Bar Flax

This Gluten Free (but also wheat, gluten, yeast and egg free, it may contain nuts however) bar is a bit different to most of the other cereal or breakfast bars on the market because of the unusual choices of ingredients it’s manufacturers – Wholebake – have made.

Nine Bar Flax gluten free bar







As well as the Hemp seed that all of their bars contain and which gives them their name as it contains all of the nine essential amino acids that are the building blocks of life and cannot be made by the body, this bar also contains Flax seed and is coated with Carob.

Flax seed is considered a “Super Food” due to the high amount of nutrients it contains.  It’s technically not a grain, although it has a similar amount and type of vitamins and minerals  to grains but has considerably more fibre, antioxidants, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It’s also very low in carbohydrates, so perfect for anyone limiting the amount of carbs they consume and its ability to help you feel full and satisfied due to the amount of healthy fats it contains and its high fibre content make it a great food for anyone trying to drop a few pounds.

Carob  is used here as a substitute for chocolate, it has a similar colour to chocolate and a somewhat similar taste. Although slightly higher in Carbs and sugar than chocolate it contains no caffeine, is much higher in Calcium and lower in fat.

This bar contains no trans fats, artificial additives, preservatives or colours and like all 8 Nine Bars is handmade in Wales.

There’s the stats, now its time to review the taste.  The added honey makes it just sweet enough but not overly sugary or sickly, the Carob although a bit of a different taste to a high cocoa chocolate is still pleasant and not a million miles away from the taste of the milk chocolate many cereal bars use. The mix of seeds taste really good, particularly the hemp which has a similar taste to pine nuts.

So, if youre looking for a convenient snack that’s Gluten Free and a bit different these come highly recommended, most UK supermarkets sell them in a 4 x 40g multi pack and they also come in a slightly larger 50g size, which I’ve only managed to find in Holland and Barrett.

If you can’t find them in any shops near you they are also available in bulk from Amazon here:

Wholebake 9 Bar Flax 6x4x40g

If you do try them and like them its worth trying others from the range which has 8 different bars in total.



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Nine Bar Flax
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