Gluten Free Falafel

Everyone seems to have one thing they really miss when they start eating Gluten Free. For me it was Falafel, there are quite a few recipes for Gluten Free Falafel around but as it’s something I used to eat for lunch or as a quick snack making it from scratch wasn’t really an ideal solution for me.  But then while wandering around the supermarket in my usual daze I discovered these Gluten Free Falafels made by Great Food.

Gluten Free Falafel

They are available in lots of high street supermarkets in the UK and as well as being Gluten Free they are also Kosher and Halal and suitable for Vegetarians.  They are really good value, with a 300g pack of 14 decent sized Falafels costing less than 2.50. I find that with a salad and a dollop of Houmous two or three are enough for a filling lunch so you can get plenty of meals from one pack.  These keep well so you don’t have to worry that you will be eating nothing but Falafel as soon as you open a pack – although that might not be a bad thing… They are steam baked in special ovens not deep fried which means they are quite a healthy option, Each Falafel (depending on the flavour) has between 2 and 4 grams of fat and is around 60 Calories. They’re low in Sugar and don’t contain an excessive amount of Salt.


Gluten Free Falafel

There is a wide variety of Falafel available now made from all kinds of ingredients but these stick to the original Recipe and the main ingredient is ground chickpeas.  They come in two flavours Original and my favourite Moroccan, the most noticeable difference between the two being that the Moroccan flavour is a little spicier and contains fruit – Dates and Apricots.

I find these are one of those products that are really convenient to have in the fridge at all times for when you want to throw together a quick lunch to eat at home or put them in your lunchbox in the morning.

Gluten Free Falafel

They taste great cold but if you want to heat them up just put them under the grill for 5 minutes or so.  Obviously they go really well with Houmous but they are also a great way to liven up a salad and of course, if you have some Gluten Free Pitta or other bread you can add them to a wrap or sandwich.

So if like me you’re missing Falafel or if you’re just looking for some new ideas for Quick, Easy and Healthy Gluten Free Lunches these come highly recommended.

Great Food.

Gluten Free Bites

It’s also worth checking out the rest of the Great Food range. They are a UK company with a great range of healthy and mostly Gluten Free snacks, bites, burgers and houmous. I’m planning to work my way through their entire range as I’ve like everything I’ve tried from them so far, as well as Falafel I’ve tried their Sweet Potato Pakora which I like almost as much as these and their Quinoa, Mint and Broad Bean bites which are another good option for lunch.


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Gluten Free Falafel
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