Eat Natural Yoghurt and Almond Bar

Lunch can be the most difficult meal time to plan for anyone on a Gluten Free diet, especially if you need to take a Lunchbox to school or work. Cereal bars can be really useful as something you can carry around with you to have with your lunch or as a snack in between meals but of course they’re not an option if don’t eat Gluten. Enter Eat Natural who have a range of Gluten Free cereal bars that are available singly in lots of shops around the UK or in multi packs that you’ll find in larger supermarkets. They sell 10 different bars that are Gluten Free (and three that aren’t).

Eat Natural Yoghurt Almond Bar

All of their bars and other products are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and made in the UK. As well as bars they also make a range of cereals and mueslis.

I’ll be reviewing other Gluten Free cereal bars soon but decided to start with this one as it’s one of my favourites and obviously other peoples too as it’s Eat Natural’s best seller, it’s a mix of Apricots, Almonds. Coconut and puffed rice  in a Yoghurt coating.

The taste of the yoghurt coating is probably the first thing you will notice and its creamy, milky, flavour with a hint of vanilla is a good start. 

Under the coating are the almonds, coconut, apricots, and puffed rice , no one ingredient dominates and the combination of these flavours works really well.

The  juicy, sweet apricots combined with the crunchy whole almonds gives the bar a really enjoyable texture, and the nutty flavour of the almonds offsets the sweetness of the yoghurt coating and apricots nicely.  The other ingredient you will  taste is the coconut, which again tempers the sweetness well. The mix of all the different ingredients results in a really enjoyable bar.

This is recommended as a handy snack you can carry around with you as part of a packed lunch or something to eat before or after some physical activity.  A word of caution though, this particular bar is very sweet, the Yoghurt coating, though delicious, almost tastes more like icing than Yoghurt and it is quite high in fat and sugar so it might be better to view it as a slightly healthier more virtuous replacement for a chocolate bar rather than healthy muesli in bar form.

The single bar comes in a 50g size which is not small but not, I feel, too big.  If you buy the multi-packs as well as saving some money you get a choice of sizes – 35 or 50g.  You can save a bit of money by buying them in bulk from Amazon – Eat Natural Yoghurt, Almond & Apricot Bar 12’S

I usually go for the 50g size and like to have a few of these in the cupboard all the time as a safeguard against those times when you feel like something sweet and a little bit indulgent and may be tempted to have something non Gluten Free or when you are heading out and want to grab something to throw in your bag in case hunger strikes. One of these will satisfy my cravings for at least a few days.