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Pulsin Raw Chocolate Bars

These 3 Gluten (and Diary and Soya) free raw chocolate bars are a great way for chocolate lovers on a gluten free diet to indulge whilst remaining health.  Until recently I only saw them at health food shops but when a local supermarket started selling the “Bliss Bar”, “Berry Burst” and the “Raw Choc Brownie” I took the opportunity to buy and try all three.. twice.

As well as being Gluten Free all three bars are made using only natural ingredients and are suitable for people on a raw food diet as none of the ingredients are heated above 40c, the Chocolate is Raw as it is cold pressed instead of being roasted which preserves natural antioxidants that are usually lost during the roasting process.

Raw Choc Brownie.

Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free Bar

This was the first one of these I tried and my favourite of the three, the “cake-y” texture of the Raw Chocolate combines really well with the juicy raisins and almonds and the aded vanilla does gave it the taste of a real brownie.  As with all Pulsin products its made using 100% natural ingredients and is about as good for you as a Chocolate-y treat can be, It’s high in protein, enriched with raw rice protein powder which will help balance blood sugar, has the anti-oxidants (substances that may help to fight free radicals and are thought to help prevent disease) from the raw cacao and added health benefits from the mineral rich almonds and high fibre raisins.  I really like this bar and it’s a handy snack to have a few of in the cupboard as its just as good as a breakfast treat as it is as a dessert.

Berry Burst

Pulsin Gluten Free Berry Burst Bar

This bar has a more unusual, exotic flavour than the brownie due to its use of ingredients like whole Goji berries and Raspberries along with the cold pressed cacao that all these bars have.  Goji berries contain very high levels of Vitamin C, beta-carotene and other antioxidants as well as being a great source of protein and iron, which are both commonly deficient in vegetarian diets, the bar is also suitable for Vegans dairy free, gluten free and don’t contain any sugar or trans fats.  The mixture of the shapr, tart berry flavours and the raw Chocolate give this a more “sophistacted” and “Grown up ” taste and it would probably appeal most to people that enjoy the really high percentage cocoa solid dark chocolates,


Pulsin Gluten Free Raw Chocolate Bliss Bar

This Bar is again made with some interesting choices of ingredients including Maca, Ashgawandha and Green Tea Extract, all three of which are reputed to have immune system strengthening, energy giving and libido enhancing effects.

I can’t think of anything else I’ve eaten with a similar taste to the combination of herbs mixed with the gooey Raw chocolate found here, its quite rich and although it may be placebo I did feel that it worked as a pick me up having a similar effect to a strong cup of coffee.

I didn’t like this quite as much as the Brownie but its defintely a snack I can see myself eating regularly as a dessert or mid afternoon treat..


Pulsin Gluten Free Raw Chocolate Bars

As well as the three bars here Pulsin do quite a range of other Gluten Free, healthy bars and treats which you can find more detail about on their website –  You’ll also find their exciting mission statement on here where they say:

“Pulsin’s Dream is to…

  • Give people superpower through health-boosting energy foods –
  • Make incredible-tasting products that don’t cost the earth –
  • Lead the pack when it comes to product development –
  • Contribute to a happy, healthy world filled with happy, healthy people”

Good luck with that.

All of their products are made with using artificial sweeteners, flavourings, preservatives or colourings as well as being low in sugar relying on natural sweeteners like dates, brown rice malt, agave nectarand xylitol.  As well as being better for your waistline this should reduce the likelihood sugar crashes, cavities and afternoon cravings.

All Pulsin products are also high in protein so suitable for people looking for a pre- or post-exercise boost, People watching their weight and looking to burn fat without losing muscle or anyone recovering from illness.

Perkier Gluten Free Tiffin Biscuits

These Gluten Free Tiffin Biscuit Bites are my newest addiction, probably because they are an ingenious and delicious combination of four things that I completely love – Chocolate Biscuits, Honeycomb, Raisins and Milk Chocolate. This mixture of textures and flavours works incredibly well, the Biscuit is crunchy but not as crumbly as Gluten Free biscuits often are and the Honeycomb has a great spicy, gingery taste and is soft rather than being teeth rattlingly hard.  There is a generous amount of Raisins and a reasonably thick Milk Chocolate topping.

Perkier Gluten Free Tiiffin Biscuit

They are made by Perkier, a UK based company specialising in Gluten Free foods, as well as these Biscuits and other treats they also make porridge and bread and say on their website that they are keen to challenge the current model of Gluten Free food costing a fortune.  I haven’t tried the whole range but they are definitely off to a good start with these, I picked up a tub from a local Tesco for under a couple of pounds and was impressed by the amount of bite sized biscuits in the tub – I didn’t count but there was at least 10, maybe more.

Gluten Free Tiffin Bites

The advantage of the “bite” sized serving is that you can hopefully exercise some degree of portion control when eating these, if you don’t feel able or want to restrict yourself in this way than you can buy this in a 65g sized bar as well.  To be honest most of the time I probably end up eating the same amount as I would if I bought a bar and if I ate less it’s probably because it was in a decent sized bowl of ice cream (if you have even the slightest interest in Ice Cream I HIGHLY recommend trying this..).

Not to worry though, despite being quite indulgent these arent as unhealthy as you might imagine, each piece containing around 58 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat and 7 grams of sugar.

Perkier Gluten Free Biscuit Bites


Perkier also make Gluten Free Rocky Road biscuits which are again available in a tub with small bite sized pieces or in a 65g bar. These use the same Chocolate Biscuit base as the Tiffin but add small pink and white Marshmallows to this and cover it in Milk Chocolate and then drizzle White Chocolate over this.  I didn’t like these quite as much as the Tiffin, probably because I’m not a massive fan or Marshmallows and as I said I absolutely love both Honeycomb and Raisin. Don’t get it twisted though, I had no problem working my way through the Rocky Road tub in well under a week.

As you can probably tell, I really can’t recommend these highly enough and am planning to test my way through the rest of Perkier’s range of Gluten Free instant Golden Syrup and Berry Porridge Pots and Breads as I find them – they seem to be increasingly available in more and more major UK supermarkets – and only hope that these products manage to maintain the same great combination of reasonable price and great flavour found here.

By Ray Smith

Gluten Free Falafel

Everyone seems to have one thing they really miss when they start eating Gluten Free. For me it was Falafel, there are quite a few recipes for Gluten Free Falafel around but as it’s something I used to eat for lunch or as a quick snack making it from scratch wasn’t really an ideal solution for me.  But then while wandering around the supermarket in my usual daze I discovered these Gluten Free Falafels made by Great Food.

Gluten Free Falafel

They are available in lots of high street supermarkets in the UK and as well as being Gluten Free they are also Kosher and Halal and suitable for Vegetarians.  They are really good value, with a 300g pack of 14 decent sized Falafels costing less than 2.50. I find that with a salad and a dollop of Houmous two or three are enough for a filling lunch so you can get plenty of meals from one pack.  These keep well so you don’t have to worry that you will be eating nothing but Falafel as soon as you open a pack – although that might not be a bad thing… They are steam baked in special ovens not deep fried which means they are quite a healthy option, Each Falafel (depending on the flavour) has between 2 and 4 grams of fat and is around 60 Calories. They’re low in Sugar and don’t contain an excessive amount of Salt.


Gluten Free Falafel

There is a wide variety of Falafel available now made from all kinds of ingredients but these stick to the original Recipe and the main ingredient is ground chickpeas.  They come in two flavours Original and my favourite Moroccan, the most noticeable difference between the two being that the Moroccan flavour is a little spicier and contains fruit – Dates and Apricots.

I find these are one of those products that are really convenient to have in the fridge at all times for when you want to throw together a quick lunch to eat at home or put them in your lunchbox in the morning.

Gluten Free Falafel

They taste great cold but if you want to heat them up just put them under the grill for 5 minutes or so.  Obviously they go really well with Houmous but they are also a great way to liven up a salad and of course, if you have some Gluten Free Pitta or other bread you can add them to a wrap or sandwich.

So if like me you’re missing Falafel or if you’re just looking for some new ideas for Quick, Easy and Healthy Gluten Free Lunches these come highly recommended.

Great Food.

Gluten Free Bites

It’s also worth checking out the rest of the Great Food range. They are a UK company with a great range of healthy and mostly Gluten Free snacks, bites, burgers and houmous. I’m planning to work my way through their entire range as I’ve like everything I’ve tried from them so far, as well as Falafel I’ve tried their Sweet Potato Pakora which I like almost as much as these and their Quinoa, Mint and Broad Bean bites which are another good option for lunch.


Eat Natural Cashew and Blueberry Cereal Bar

It’s getting easier and easier to find a wide variety of Gluten Free cereal bars in shops all over the UK.  Many of them made by Eat Natural who have a range of Gluten Free bars that are available singly in lots of shops around the UK or in multi packs that you’ll find in larger supermarkets. They sell 10 different bars  in total that are Gluten Free (and three that aren’t).  Another one of my favourites is their Yoghurt, Almond and Apricot bar.


Yoghurt, Cashew and Blueberry Cereal Bar







Cereal bars can be a total lifesaver as something you can quickly grab from the cupboard or desk drawer and throw in your bag or pocket to take out with you to have with your lunch or as a snack in between meals.

This Eat Natural Cashew, Blueberry and Yoghurt bar is one of my current favourites but unfortunately it’s a little harder to find in high street supermarkets, it is however available in bulk online

The taste of the yoghurt coating is probably the first thing you will notice and its creamy, milky, sweet flavour with a hint of vanilla is a good start.  Following the coating the next most distinctive flavour is the fruit – Blueberries, Cranberries and Apricots with the taste of the juicy, sweet (and healthy)  Blueberries dominating.

There are a good selection of savoury ingredients that ensure the bar isn’t too sweet or soggy, chopped Cashew and Brazil nuts, Puffed Rice and Shredded Coconut.  These combine with the yoghurt and the fruit to give a enjoyable moist yet crunchy texture.  There is a good amount of everything, no one ingredient dominates and the combination of flavours works really well.

The mix of all these different ingredients results in a really tasty bar which, unlike other cereal bars, won’t get smashed into tiny pieces in your bag or disintegrate into a shower of crumbs that goes all over the floor or your desk when you try to eat it.

Eat Natural Cashew, Blueberry and Yoghurt Cereal Bar





I usually choose the 50g size, depending on your appetite you may find that this is enough to completely replace your breakfast or lunch.  For me it is pretty much perfect as an in between meals snack or addition to my lunch.

I make sure I have few of these in stock at home and in the office all of the time, as well as being handy to take out on a journey or fill the gap between meals they are a great safeguard against those times when I get an insatiable craving for something sweet and a indulgent and may be tempted to have something incredibly bad for me or non Gluten Free.  One of these will satisfy my sweet tooth’s cravings for at least a few days.

Like all the other products in the Eat Natural range (in addition to bars they make a range of Gluten Free cereals and mueslis –  Gluten Free Buckwheat Muesli review here) these bars are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and are made in the UK.

Gluten Free Cereal

There is quite a wide range of Gluten Free Cereal and Muesli available from UK supermarkets and many of these are pretty healthy and full of nutritious ingredients.  However, if you’re looking for a slightly less worthy breakfast, maybe as a reward for sticking to your diet all week or as a Gluten Free replacement for the less healthy cereals everyone else gets to enjoy from time to time, this Nature’s Path Maple Sunrise is a good option.

Nature's Path Gluten Free Maple Cereal







Nature’s Path is a Canadian company and independent and family owned.  They specialise in gluten and wheat-free cereal products and sell a wide range of these in North America. Their breakfast cereals are now widely distributed in the UK and you should be able to pick these up in any UK supermarket big enough to have a “Free-From” section.

This is an extremely crunchy Cereal and won’t go soggy after you’ve added milk. If that’s how you choose to eat it, I prefer  it with a couple of spoon fulls of Greek yoghurt and sometimes add blueberries or another berry to aid me in my daily quest to eat my government recommended 5 portions of fruit or vegetables.

Its quite sweet and the maple flavour is quite strong, as soon as you open the packet you’ll get a strong scent of Maple syrup.  If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth you probably won’t need to add any extra sugar to this. However, the taste might lead you to think it has a higher Sugar content than it actually does – a 30g serving contains just under 13g – a little higher than some other Mueslis available but not distressingly so and still lower in sugar, calories and fat than most of the super sweet breakfast cereals we’ve all heard of.  On the downside its also quite low in fibre, just 3g per serving, and Protein.

Despite being very sweet, this is still quite a healthy option.  It’s certified Organic and contains six different grains, quasi-grains or seeds – corn, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, flax, and amaranth.  The fact these are whole grains and not refined or processed and that there is a wide diversity of them is good news for your health.

This diversity of ingredients also gives the cereal a good texture. some of the grains are left whole so it has a variety of three different shapes – little round puffy balls, flakes and small crispy seed shapes.

Nature's Path Gluten Free Maple Cereal






I’d recommend this if you eat cereal regularly and are interested in trying a different one every so often for a bit of a change. You can find it in most big supermarkets for around Three pounds a box but can save some money by buying it in bulk from Amazon.

Nine Bar Flax

This Gluten Free (but also wheat, gluten, yeast and egg free, it may contain nuts however) bar is a bit different to most of the other cereal or breakfast bars on the market because of the unusual choices of ingredients it’s manufacturers – Wholebake – have made.

Nine Bar Flax gluten free bar







As well as the Hemp seed that all of their bars contain and which gives them their name as it contains all of the nine essential amino acids that are the building blocks of life and cannot be made by the body, this bar also contains Flax seed and is coated with Carob.

Flax seed is considered a “Super Food” due to the high amount of nutrients it contains.  It’s technically not a grain, although it has a similar amount and type of vitamins and minerals  to grains but has considerably more fibre, antioxidants, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

It’s also very low in carbohydrates, so perfect for anyone limiting the amount of carbs they consume and its ability to help you feel full and satisfied due to the amount of healthy fats it contains and its high fibre content make it a great food for anyone trying to drop a few pounds.

Carob  is used here as a substitute for chocolate, it has a similar colour to chocolate and a somewhat similar taste. Although slightly higher in Carbs and sugar than chocolate it contains no caffeine, is much higher in Calcium and lower in fat.

This bar contains no trans fats, artificial additives, preservatives or colours and like all 8 Nine Bars is handmade in Wales.

There’s the stats, now its time to review the taste.  The added honey makes it just sweet enough but not overly sugary or sickly, the Carob although a bit of a different taste to a high cocoa chocolate is still pleasant and not a million miles away from the taste of the milk chocolate many cereal bars use. The mix of seeds taste really good, particularly the hemp which has a similar taste to pine nuts.

So, if youre looking for a convenient snack that’s Gluten Free and a bit different these come highly recommended, most UK supermarkets sell them in a 4 x 40g multi pack and they also come in a slightly larger 50g size, which I’ve only managed to find in Holland and Barrett.

If you can’t find them in any shops near you they are also available in bulk from Amazon here:

Wholebake 9 Bar Flax 6x4x40g

If you do try them and like them its worth trying others from the range which has 8 different bars in total.



Gluten Free Muesli – Eat Natural Buckwheat

When you start eating Gluten Free breakfast can be one of the most difficult meals to adapt to your new diet.  Obviously bacon and eggs or a variation of this is fine. If you have the time to make it.  When you’ve got 6 minutes to eat in between getting out of the shower and on the bus that just isn’t going to cut it. Luckily there are quite a few different Gluten Free breakfast options available in the UK, this Gluten Free muesli being one of them.

Eat Natural Buckwheat Gluten Free Muesli







This one, made by Eat Natural (who also have a wide range of Gluten Free cereal bars), is their Buckwheat Muesli and a solid choice for a quick, healthy, mid-week breakfast.  It’s a mix of toasted Buckwheat, Crisped Rice, Mixed Seeds, Coconut and Raisins and Sultanas.


Buckwheat, actually not a grain but a fruit seed is a good source of energy and extremely nutritious.  It’s been linked to a lowered risk of developing high cholesterol or blood pressure and has a host of other beneficial effects, due partly to its rich supply of flavonoids, particularly rutin.  Flavonoids protect against disease by extending the action of vitamin C and acting as antioxidants.  Buckwheat is also high in magnesium which relaxes blood vessels, improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. All good news for your cardiovascular system.  The nutrients in buckwheat may also reduce the risk of diabetes. Buckwheat also scores highly on its ability to satisfy hunger and is a good source of insoluble fibre.  You can read more about the benefits of Buckwheat here.


The three different seeds used in this muesli bring additional health benefits.  The Sunflower seeds are a good source of selenium which controls cell damage and plays a role in the prevention of cancer.  They’re also a good source of magnesium, copper, vitamin E and antioxidants.  This means they are good for your bones and skin, reduce stress, are an anti-inflammatory and can keep your cholesterol low.  Read more about sunflower seeds here,

The Pumpkin seeds are another good source of magnesium.  The Linseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and reportedly relieve menopausal symptoms and constipation.  They can also help reduce inflammation and protect against heart disease and some cancers.

Buckwheat Gluten Free Muesli






So its pretty safe to assume eating this cereal a couple of times a week will be good for you but that’s not worth much if it doesn’t taste good.  Well.. obviously tastes vary but I think this has no problems in that area.  It has sugar, honey and cinnamon added to it but isn’t overly sweet. The amounts of fruit is generous and the individual raisins and sultanas are a good size. The seeds give it a nice nutty flavour and crunchy texture and there is a good amount of coconut which compliments the other ingredients well.

This can be a little tricky to get hold of, I’ve found a few of the major supermarkets branches local to me sell it but others don’t so you may have to hunt around for it, alternatively you can save a bit of money by buying it in bulk online.

Its nice and crunchy and doesn’t become too soggy when you add milk, if that’s what you decide to do, I usually have it with yoghurt, sometimes with a handful of blueberries thrown on top. Just to get me a bit nearer my five a day.


Eat Natural Yoghurt and Almond Bar

Lunch can be the most difficult meal time to plan for anyone on a Gluten Free diet, especially if you need to take a Lunchbox to school or work. Cereal bars can be really useful as something you can carry around with you to have with your lunch or as a snack in between meals but of course they’re not an option if don’t eat Gluten. Enter Eat Natural who have a range of Gluten Free cereal bars that are available singly in lots of shops around the UK or in multi packs that you’ll find in larger supermarkets. They sell 10 different bars that are Gluten Free (and three that aren’t).

Eat Natural Yoghurt Almond Bar

All of their bars and other products are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and made in the UK. As well as bars they also make a range of cereals and mueslis.

I’ll be reviewing other Gluten Free cereal bars soon but decided to start with this one as it’s one of my favourites and obviously other peoples too as it’s Eat Natural’s best seller, it’s a mix of Apricots, Almonds. Coconut and puffed rice  in a Yoghurt coating.

The taste of the yoghurt coating is probably the first thing you will notice and its creamy, milky, flavour with a hint of vanilla is a good start. 

Under the coating are the almonds, coconut, apricots, and puffed rice , no one ingredient dominates and the combination of these flavours works really well.

The  juicy, sweet apricots combined with the crunchy whole almonds gives the bar a really enjoyable texture, and the nutty flavour of the almonds offsets the sweetness of the yoghurt coating and apricots nicely.  The other ingredient you will  taste is the coconut, which again tempers the sweetness well. The mix of all the different ingredients results in a really enjoyable bar.

This is recommended as a handy snack you can carry around with you as part of a packed lunch or something to eat before or after some physical activity.  A word of caution though, this particular bar is very sweet, the Yoghurt coating, though delicious, almost tastes more like icing than Yoghurt and it is quite high in fat and sugar so it might be better to view it as a slightly healthier more virtuous replacement for a chocolate bar rather than healthy muesli in bar form.

The single bar comes in a 50g size which is not small but not, I feel, too big.  If you buy the multi-packs as well as saving some money you get a choice of sizes – 35 or 50g.  You can save a bit of money by buying them in bulk from Amazon – Eat Natural Yoghurt, Almond & Apricot Bar 12’S

I usually go for the 50g size and like to have a few of these in the cupboard all the time as a safeguard against those times when you feel like something sweet and a little bit indulgent and may be tempted to have something non Gluten Free or when you are heading out and want to grab something to throw in your bag in case hunger strikes. One of these will satisfy my cravings for at least a few days.