Whether you’re a coeliac or not more and more people in the UK are becoming interested in trying a Gluten Free diet.

I started eating Gluten Free a couple of years ago and although there’s lots of recipes and information on food and other products available on the internet I found that this was scattered about across a lot of sites and usually aimed at  people living in the US.

I’ve spent a lot of time collecting recipes, converting them to UK weights and measures and trying and tweaking them until they taste right and are as simple and quick as possible to make. All of the Gluten Free recipes on this site are suitable for those on a budget or cooking for one and none of them use any strange Flour or other ingredients that are difficult to find on the high street.

Many of the recipes are suitable for a Paleo diet as well.

With that in mind this site will have all the Recipes I’ve collected other the last few years (with UK weights and measurements), reviews of Gluten Free products that are easy to find in the UK and other useful information for anyone trying to live a gluten free life in the UK.

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