This site contains Gluten free recipes and product reviews for the growing number of people in the UK trying to completely eliminate Gluten from their diet or reduce the amount they consume.

Whether this is because they have been diagnosed as a Coeliac, because they feel it will help them look and feel better or just because they want a flatter tummy this site aims to help.

Most of us have a repertoire of dishes we cook regularly and products that we buy every time we go shopping. Changing these habits and making the transition to cooking new meals and a new shopping list can be the most difficult part of adopting any new diet.

With that in mind here is your guide to easier Gluten Free living in the UK.


Click here our to view our tried and tested Gluten Free recipes for Dinner and other meals.  All of them are quick to prepare, easy to follow, healthy, high in Fibre and other good things and use UK weights and measures and ingredients that you can find in any supermarket in the UK.  If you’re on a Paleo or other diet its also worth checking here as many of the recipes will work for you too.


Click here to see our latest reviews of Gluten Free Breakfast Cereals and Muesli’s, Cereal Bars and other products that you can easily buy in the UK to make your Gluten Free life more convenient.

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